Dark pigment protect our valuable skin from damage

It is the function of the dark pigment called melanin that is makes people white and black. In human skin system, the lowest layer of the skin possesses some dark pigments. They make our body dark or black. The number of melanin pigment in a body cell is not same for very person. The cells produced this pigment to protect our body from the direct sunlight and it is a good natural skin prediction by human body. We use sun cream to protect our skin for the bad effect of ultraviolet rays coming from the direct sun light. The people with dark skin are generally the inhabitance of tropical area of the earth where the sunlight falls directly on our skin. The human body makes it own protective system by in creasing the number of melanin pigment in our body cells. The sun creams are act like sunscreen to protect our valuable skin from damage. We feel sorry if our skin is dark. It is not true. Extra melanin helps us to make more protection against any damage of skin by ultraviolet rays and direct sun light. The use of excess sun cream is sometimes the natural protective system of human skin. There are some other factors that are good reason for our body color. They are the blood circulation system of the body and color of the blood vessels, skin tissue etc.

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