The New Year of Healthcare Benefits

As you welcome the new year, there are a number of new healthcare benefits that come with it of which you need to be aware. In March of 2010, Congress passed the Affordable Care Act. As of January 1, 2011, the benefits are in effect.

One of the biggest changes is now seniors who are on Medicare will be able to go to a doctor for an annual wellness visit at no cost. In addition, they will also receive a free personalized prevention plan. Seniors on Medicare will also be able to get screening and immunizations for diabetes without being charged copay.

Anyone with Medicare coverage for prescription drugs will qualify for a discount on brand name drugs for as much as fifty percent off. The discounts will continue to increase annually until 2020, when the donut hole will be eliminated.

According to the new law, affordable health insurance companies must now spend from eighty to eighty-five percent of collected premiums on medical care, or activities that will improve the care quality. Insurance companies that do not comply have to provide their policyholders with a rebate, as opposed to slipping the excess premiums in their pockets.

Finally, community health centers providing low cost or free medical care will receive new federal funding in support of those centers.

The federal government believes that all of these changes taking place are for the better. When asked to explain, many say to just wait and see what happens. According to Vernell Lester, “You got to take what comes so why worry about it? There’s not going to be big changes in our favor we’re getting too old to live around for that.

Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

High blood pressure is very common in old people. Even young ones are getting affected due to modern day’s life styles and stress. Besides medicines, there are some natural remedies for lowering the high blood pressure which are given below:

• Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables which contain fibers such as spinach, fenugreek, etc.
• Drumsticks and bitter gourd are very beneficial for lowering high blood pressure. You should eat them regularly.
• Eating fruits like guavas, oranges, bananas and apples will prove to be beneficial in hypertension. Eat them regularly.
• Papayas are good for hypertension patients. If you eat papaya in empty stomach for 1 month you will get very good result.
• Proper sleep is very important to control your blood pressure. You must take adequate sleep. 7-8 hrs of sleep will be good for you.
• Spinach and carrots are very beneficial in lowering high blood pressure. Make their juice and consume 1 glass of its juice twice daily for amazing result.
• You should eat food containing vitamin B, vitamin E and magnesium. These vitamins are very important to regulate your pressure.
• Take half cup of warm water and add 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper to it. Whenever your blood pressure increases, drink this mixture. This will give you relief.
• Lemon juice proves to be very effective in controlling high blood pressure. Therefore you should consume one or half lemon juice mixed with honey in the morning in empty stomach. Even onion juice mixed with honey works like wonders if you drink in the morning in empty stomach.
• You can lower down your blood pressure with water melon seeds. You need to make powder of its seeds and take 1-2 tablespoon with water. You will observe amazing result.
• Yoga and exercise help to reduce body weight, regulate heart beat and also controls high blood pressure. Shavasana is considered to be very effective natural remedy to control high blood pressure. You can do it for 5-10 minutes twice or thrice a day for better result. Pranayam is the best yog-aasan (Yoga) to cure high blood pressure.

There are some things which one should not do, which are as follows:

• You should not consume salt like normal persons do. Minimize the intake of salt in your diet.
• Besides raising you blood pressure, spicy and hot food also harms your skin, so avoid such food.
• Avoid eating red meats, sweets and chocolates. They are tasty but not good for your health. Meat raises your pressure and is hard to digest. Blood pressure patients should eat only that food which can be easily digested. However, you can eat fish because they are useful in lowering blood pressure.
• Do not consume buffalo milk. Buffalo milk is neither good for brain nor for high blood pressure patients.
• Smoking and alcohol raises your blood pressure. If you check your blood pressure before smoking and after smoking, you will find a great difference in it. Same is the case with alcohol. Therefore if you want to control your blood pressure you need to avoid smoking and alcohol strictly.

Weight Loss Plan – Stairs to Success

If you plan to lose your weight, you just have a definite and discrete weight loss plan. A weight loss plan is not something like a very great space launch plan. But it is a simple diet and physical exercise plan which requires you to change your life a little bit. As a result you get a smarty and sleek physique.

A simple weight loss plan includes things like how to perform your physical activities and physical exercises. You should deliberately decide the proper timings on which you will be doing the exercises. Obviously, exercising just after your meal won’t be a good idea. Answers of these all questions should be outlined in a described manner so that you are easy with your weight loss plan.

Many people think that if they have to lose their weight, they will have to lose their delicious meals. That’s not a very good and positive perspective as weight loss plan does not mainly focus on your diet. Instead it focuses on your physical activities and exercises to reduce your weight. In fact, the diet and antibiotics do not work as efficiently as physical exercises are able to achieve.

Determine your destination:

If you want to really have a good weight loss, then you should have a goal in your mind. It is often said that if you know your destination, the path becomes very easy. Therefore, you should keep some stylish and sleek celebrity or relative in your mind as your goal. This will constantly remind you whenever you come in front of the mirror.

Don’t just stare our belly:

Many people of diet or weight loss keep looking at their belly every time they come in front of mirror. This will never give you any progress until a very long time. You should not look at your weight every time. Instead, you should leave it as it is. What you should focus on is your physical exercise and activities. These are the core things that will really reduce your weight.
This behavior should only be kept if you are on a weight loss plan. If you are have some lithography, then you should never look like that way.

Move Slowly:

If your practitioner has told you to do some specific exercise say for half an hour. You should never make it to one hour thinking that you will lose your weight fast. This is a totally unrealistic approach. You should move slowly on your weight loss plan. This is the key to success.

Track your success and motivate yourself:

When you have finally changed your way of physical living, you should also keep a track on your weight loss plan. Weight loss plan is something which requires you to be patient, calm and peaceful. Therefore, it is a long term approach to lose your weight. You should never give up in between. If you have really someone as a goal or destination in your mind, then you will hardly reach any such situation in which you think of giving up. Therefore, be patient and stay motivated.