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Music and the Piracy

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

These days it is becoming easier to download the music from the internet without having to pay for it. This has caught the attention of the law makers from all around the world. Many countries have started using the strict measures to put an end to this increasing trend of the piracy. Some of the countries have not taken the initiative yet but you never know when they will start thinking seriously about stopping the piracy.
The people who are really at loss because of this are the distributors and the artists. The artists are not getting the money which they must. The distributors are unable to sell the CDs because of the massive number of pirated copies available on the internet.
Apart from the piracy, there are many legit ways to find the music on the internet as well. You can listen to the low quality tracks even when they are released. This is all legal. You get a low quality audio and if you want the high quality audio, you need to pay for this. this was actually a very smart measure which was taken in order to stop the piracy. This has helped some how but not to the great deal. You can also use the internet radios to listen to the music on the internet. This is also legitimate and there are no laws being broken.
Apart from the issue of piracy, the internet has really helped the upcoming artists. They are generally the artists with lower budgets and they can not release their records like the established artists. These artists can upload their home recorded music on the internet. This helps them to make a name for themselves and then sign a contract with a distributor. Many artists have grown this way in the last few years. This is the greatest advantage which the internet has brought as far as music is concerned.
Another thing which has helped to reduce the piracy in the recent two years is that the artists are more cooperative now. They allow the audiences to record their live concerts. They even allow them to upload it online. This has also educated the music lovers. They are now more cooperative and they have started understanding that the artists do need to sell their records in order to continue performing. If the artists and the distributors will not make any profit from the hard work that they are putting in, how would they continue doing the same work? Many will discontinue and the others will simply start doing the poor work. The creativity will get killed. This is the reason for which many music lovers have started appreciating the laws which are made to stop the piracy.

Different Genres of Music

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

As and when technology has made developments, music also has followed suit. There are numerous kinds of music that have come about today because when a school of music springs up, several offshoots with slight differences arise as well. Each age and century has brought its own popular music and has left influences that were carried forth and molded to newer times. Almost all kinds of music have their roots in some earlier and more archaic melody.

While there are just too many genres of music to pin down in one place, here is a comprehensive list:

1) Hip-hop Music: Hip-hop music makes use of instruments like guitar, violin, fiddle, piano, bass and drums. In this music, the main instrument is the bass. This can be used in different intensities to emote feelings of anger, pride and others. It is the direct result of hip-hop culture that started from America and spread from there. It shows a heavy influence of Jamaican music. Its roots are found in African American and West African music.
2) Rock Music: This music genre originated in the rock and roll era of 1950s. The vocals are accompanied by the guitar, drum and bass. Some bands might even use the piano, synthesizer, saxophone, flute, mandolin and sitar for a deeper effect. Rock music has branched into many sub-groups like hard rock, progressive rock, and metal rock.
3) Classical Music: this music is an intricate form of music because it requires intense musical skills that involve like learning complex melodies and techniques, apart from the ability to coordinate with other musicians. One has to maintain the difficult relationship between its emotional flows and ebbs.
4) Metal Music: this music emerged after the Second World War. The melody of the song is heavily predisposed by the structure of the songs. In metal music, the central melody decides the structure of the song. It is also known as ‘information music.’
5) Jazz: Jazz comprises strong and complex rhythms. The major musical instruments used are the cornet, trumpet or violin. These help carry the melody. This is plenty of rhythm in this music it and possesses a forward momentum called “swing”. However, in this genre, the skilled performer is allowed to interpret a tune in his own unique way.
6) Opera Music: Opera music first appeared in the 1600’s in Italy. It is notable for the combination of theatrical art and musical invention. It is created to be played in the theaters, in particular. Its charming orchestral accompaniment forms part of its great attraction. The preludes and interludes of this music set the tone for the action on the stage.
7) Techno Music: it is also as fusion music. It became popular towards mid 1980s. It is a kind of electronic dance music and is founded upon African- American music styles like funk, electro, and electric jazz. It is characterized by fast beats.
8) Trance Music: This type of music is usually played in clubs and discos. It emerged in the 20th century. This music is identified by fast tempo and repetitious beats of the percussion. It has a hypnotic effect on listeners for which it is very popular.

Jazz during the 1900s

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010


Jazz has always had its audience. It saw ups and downs but it has never gone out of the top scene. There are jazz artists who made their name all around the by playing jazz. There have been some of the top musicians who were playing jazz.

Jazz has always attracted audience in the West. Its following through East has been somewhat less than the West. But there have always been the specific audiences who have always appreciated the Jazz music. If we analyze the Asian music closely, we will come to know that many Asian artists were inspired by the jazz music.

When studying the history of jazz music, you will notice that it has produced some of all time best artists in the 1900s. There are many artists from the 1900s who deserve a mention when we compile the overall history of jazz music. The 20th century has seen some of the top musicians in all the genres. Jazz is no exception. The musicians like Louis Armstrong and Leon Beiderbecke have all performed during the 1900s.
If we discuss all the top artists who played in the 1900s, then we will have to compile an entire book for that. We have only included the most influential artists in the 1900s. The artists who have done something extra ordinary apart from selling records have been listed here.

Louis Armstrong has made many contributions to the jazz music. He has ruled the 1900s. He lived till 1975 and kept on contributing to the jazz music till this time. He began performing in the New Orleans and became popular instantly. He then performed all around the world and became the most well known jazz artist of all the times. He is known as the father of jazz.

The next artist who deserves mention here is Leon Beiderbecke. He made invaluable contributions to the jazz music in the 1900s. He fell to alcoholism and this ended his carrier. He died a miserable death. He would have become the greatest artist ever if he had not surrendered to the alcoholism.

James Reese was another amazing artist during the 1900s. He played jazz with an unbelievable ease. He was considered as one of the most influential artists of the entire century. He joined army in the First World War and was among the first people to enter France. He died on stage when a fellow musician stabbed him.
You would wonder that we have not mentioned any lady jazz player so far. The 1900s saw only a few lady jazz players who made it to the top scene. One of them was Lillian Armstrong. She was recognized for her influential compositions. She was also the queen of piano.

Is Music Therapy Effective?

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Music brings changes. This is true. Many people have felt it through out their lives. If we change out music taste, we do change with time. You can even heal yourself with music. Back in early 1990s, I healed myself using the music. I injected passion and enthusiasm along with the positive view of life using only music.
Music significantly changes our lives and for that matter it becomes highly important for all of us to know more and more about music. The more we know, the better changes we would be able to bring to our life using the music. Even the body movement related problems can be easily cured using the drum beat.

Music will also help you to become a happier person than what you are. If you listen to the upbeat songs and to the songs which can lift someone, you will surely get happiness from it. The melody directly affects the state of mind and it is now scientifically proven. The music affects the brain and this means that music can be easily used to heal many emotional problems.

Anxiety and stress can be easily cured using the music. Because of the proven healing power of music, many people have been advocating its use in the therapy to reduce tension in the patients. It has also been used successfully to reduce anxiety even in the most complex cases. So make sure that you pick music intelligently and listen and study it. It will help you to get ready for the next day with zero tension and anxiety.

It is a fact that music therapy is as old as is out civilization but the research has not been done in this field and even today we have not developed the music therapy to the extent we would have expected. Even today a lot work has to be done and still this field is immature. India has traditionally remained closer to the music and this is an area where you will find more work being done on music therapy. Even centuries old customs in India show us that the people were treated using the music therapy. Even today, there are many people in India who are experts at music therapy. This is probably because of the importance given to the melody and understanding of the music from a religious point of view. People associate music with the soul.
The modern research shows that the hospitals and the nursing homes, when equipped with proper musical melodies, give better life to the patients. The people recover faster when proper music therapy is used to create an atmosphere. Music therapy works great when used with the color therapy. It gives much more out put.