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Jazz during the 1900s

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010


Jazz has always had its audience. It saw ups and downs but it has never gone out of the top scene. There are jazz artists who made their name all around the by playing jazz. There have been some of the top musicians who were playing jazz.

Jazz has always attracted audience in the West. Its following through East has been somewhat less than the West. But there have always been the specific audiences who have always appreciated the Jazz music. If we analyze the Asian music closely, we will come to know that many Asian artists were inspired by the jazz music.

When studying the history of jazz music, you will notice that it has produced some of all time best artists in the 1900s. There are many artists from the 1900s who deserve a mention when we compile the overall history of jazz music. The 20th century has seen some of the top musicians in all the genres. Jazz is no exception. The musicians like Louis Armstrong and Leon Beiderbecke have all performed during the 1900s.
If we discuss all the top artists who played in the 1900s, then we will have to compile an entire book for that. We have only included the most influential artists in the 1900s. The artists who have done something extra ordinary apart from selling records have been listed here.

Louis Armstrong has made many contributions to the jazz music. He has ruled the 1900s. He lived till 1975 and kept on contributing to the jazz music till this time. He began performing in the New Orleans and became popular instantly. He then performed all around the world and became the most well known jazz artist of all the times. He is known as the father of jazz.

The next artist who deserves mention here is Leon Beiderbecke. He made invaluable contributions to the jazz music in the 1900s. He fell to alcoholism and this ended his carrier. He died a miserable death. He would have become the greatest artist ever if he had not surrendered to the alcoholism.

James Reese was another amazing artist during the 1900s. He played jazz with an unbelievable ease. He was considered as one of the most influential artists of the entire century. He joined army in the First World War and was among the first people to enter France. He died on stage when a fellow musician stabbed him.
You would wonder that we have not mentioned any lady jazz player so far. The 1900s saw only a few lady jazz players who made it to the top scene. One of them was Lillian Armstrong. She was recognized for her influential compositions. She was also the queen of piano.