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Is Music Therapy Effective?

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Music brings changes. This is true. Many people have felt it through out their lives. If we change out music taste, we do change with time. You can even heal yourself with music. Back in early 1990s, I healed myself using the music. I injected passion and enthusiasm along with the positive view of life using only music.
Music significantly changes our lives and for that matter it becomes highly important for all of us to know more and more about music. The more we know, the better changes we would be able to bring to our life using the music. Even the body movement related problems can be easily cured using the drum beat.

Music will also help you to become a happier person than what you are. If you listen to the upbeat songs and to the songs which can lift someone, you will surely get happiness from it. The melody directly affects the state of mind and it is now scientifically proven. The music affects the brain and this means that music can be easily used to heal many emotional problems.

Anxiety and stress can be easily cured using the music. Because of the proven healing power of music, many people have been advocating its use in the therapy to reduce tension in the patients. It has also been used successfully to reduce anxiety even in the most complex cases. So make sure that you pick music intelligently and listen and study it. It will help you to get ready for the next day with zero tension and anxiety.

It is a fact that music therapy is as old as is out civilization but the research has not been done in this field and even today we have not developed the music therapy to the extent we would have expected. Even today a lot work has to be done and still this field is immature. India has traditionally remained closer to the music and this is an area where you will find more work being done on music therapy. Even centuries old customs in India show us that the people were treated using the music therapy. Even today, there are many people in India who are experts at music therapy. This is probably because of the importance given to the melody and understanding of the music from a religious point of view. People associate music with the soul.
The modern research shows that the hospitals and the nursing homes, when equipped with proper musical melodies, give better life to the patients. The people recover faster when proper music therapy is used to create an atmosphere. Music therapy works great when used with the color therapy. It gives much more out put.