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Music and the Piracy

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

These days it is becoming easier to download the music from the internet without having to pay for it. This has caught the attention of the law makers from all around the world. Many countries have started using the strict measures to put an end to this increasing trend of the piracy. Some of the countries have not taken the initiative yet but you never know when they will start thinking seriously about stopping the piracy.
The people who are really at loss because of this are the distributors and the artists. The artists are not getting the money which they must. The distributors are unable to sell the CDs because of the massive number of pirated copies available on the internet.
Apart from the piracy, there are many legit ways to find the music on the internet as well. You can listen to the low quality tracks even when they are released. This is all legal. You get a low quality audio and if you want the high quality audio, you need to pay for this. this was actually a very smart measure which was taken in order to stop the piracy. This has helped some how but not to the great deal. You can also use the internet radios to listen to the music on the internet. This is also legitimate and there are no laws being broken.
Apart from the issue of piracy, the internet has really helped the upcoming artists. They are generally the artists with lower budgets and they can not release their records like the established artists. These artists can upload their home recorded music on the internet. This helps them to make a name for themselves and then sign a contract with a distributor. Many artists have grown this way in the last few years. This is the greatest advantage which the internet has brought as far as music is concerned.
Another thing which has helped to reduce the piracy in the recent two years is that the artists are more cooperative now. They allow the audiences to record their live concerts. They even allow them to upload it online. This has also educated the music lovers. They are now more cooperative and they have started understanding that the artists do need to sell their records in order to continue performing. If the artists and the distributors will not make any profit from the hard work that they are putting in, how would they continue doing the same work? Many will discontinue and the others will simply start doing the poor work. The creativity will get killed. This is the reason for which many music lovers have started appreciating the laws which are made to stop the piracy.