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All About Chinchillas

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Chinchillas, available in a wide variety of colors, are originally from parts of South America. However, they are common household pets for many families or single individuals. The word chinchilla translates to “Little Chinta,” a name that seems quite appropriate. The chinchilla has gained so much popularity as a pet partly due to his adorable appearance. Their furry presence and large ears simply make people want to pick them up and cuddle them.

Image:  Flickr

Before you make your decision to include a chinchilla as a member of your family, take the time to consider whether this is the right pet for you. Plus, you need to consider whether you are the right owner for this type of pet. After all, cute as they are, chinchillas do have certain limitations.

Unlike dogs, you cannot take your chinchilla out for a walk around the block. Plus, they are nocturnal in that they prefer to be active during the night rather than during the day. Therefore, if you are strictly a daytime person looking for some companionship, you need to realize that your friendship with a chinchilla will be rather quiet and uneventful.

You might also want to consider the fact that chinchillas cannot roam your home without getting into mischief. Therefore, a cage and all of the activities that relate to cages such as cleaning and maintenance will certainly come into play.

Purchasing a Chinchilla

If you are certain that a chinchilla is the pet for you, purchase your chinchilla from a reputable breeder or pet store. You should conduct a brief investigation to ensure that you will be making your purchase from a responsible facility. Your purchase is likely to cost somewhere between $50.00 and $500.00 depending on where you go.

A healthy chinchilla will have bright eyes and straight teeth. If the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth or the teeth are extremely crooked, the chinchilla is most likely going to have health-related problems. Moreover, any sign of wetness under the chin or around the eyes is an indication that something is amiss In particular, eyes that are constantly draining are an indication of an unhealthy animal.

Providing a Proper Home for Your Chinchilla

Most chinchillas can live in a cage that has been properly selected. Avoid cages with plastic coated wire. The plastic coating is unnecessary. In fact, your chinchilla will probably chew the plastic coating from the cage. Pine shavings make sufficient bedding. Cedar shavings should be avoided since they have the potential to damage your pet’s intestinal tract and liver. Scented shavings are unnecessary.

For ease of cleaning, purchase a cage that has a wire bottom. This will allow the chinchilla’s droppings to fall easily into a tray for easy (more…)

The Advantages of Having Pets

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Everyone loves a cute and furry pet at home. They fill empty space and time and bring a sense of having your house filled. They are known to be great company too. However, apart from these surface benefits, there are several deeper advantages that having a pet will give you.

There are several health benefits to be gained. Research shows that people with pets are more active as they take them out and play with them. Blood pressure and cholesterol reduces considerably as does the usage of prescription drugs. It is seen that even older people with pets visit doctors less often. It is said that petting a dog and watching fish swim reduces blood pressure.

Another consequence of this exercise from walking and playing with the pet is the marked improvement in mood. A general sense of well being prevails as the circulation increases. For example, riding a horse is a very good exercise. Managing a horse requires great control of your own muscles. This helps you master your own body. This is especially useful for young children and teens that are losing control over their bodies as puberty sets in.

The companionship that pets offer is without parallel. Especially if start with a young one, marking each change is like watching a child grow. For the same reason, it is good to gift pets to children so that they can also understand growth and development. Also, they learn empathy and behaviors that encourage nurturing and caring. Children generally tend to be self-serving. The arrival of a pet makes them look outside their own little world and they take up the pet’s responsibilities. Soon enough, they include the animal in (more…)