Updating the Traditions of Christening Gifts

September 19th, 2011

Silver bracelets, ornamental rattles and cross pendants. Yes, they are all traditional gifts given at christenings, but they lack a little imagination. Although the gifts bequeathed upon many newborn children are undoubtedly heartfelt, they aren’t usually something that they will treasure forever. Clothes they will soon grow out of, toys they will soon lose interest with and bangles can only be worn for so long. However, personalised christening gifts have the ability to transform a ordinary, bland present into something that will be wholeheartedly appreciated and loved for years to come. Furthermore, there is so much choice that you will never be stuck for options providing you shop around. A quick online search will provide plenty of new ideas if you are lacking inspiration for christening gifts.
giftsAlthough silver jewellery is a lovely idea for a christening gift, personalised gifts for girls can be so much more interesting. If you are set on buying a small item of jewellery, then any good company that specialises in personalised christening gifts will be able to beautifully engrave the name of the child on the piece; their date of birth could also be included in the inscription if you would like it to be. Charm bracelets have become very desirable recently, as the name of the child can be spelt out with delicate, individual charms. Although this type of gift isn’t something that the child will value when it is younger, it will be a lovely keepsake that will be appreciated in later life.
You also won’t have any issues finding the perfect personalised gifts for boys. Money boxes are an ever popular choice, especially as it is something that can be used throughout a childhood. Again, the present can be marked with the name and birthday of the child and a favourite design can even be selected.
However, one of the best new ideas for personalised christening gifts is the new range of books for children where the child can actually become one of the characters in the story. The book is entitled with the child’s name, and the child features as the protagonist throughout the story. This is a truly excellent gift idea that will inspire any young child to engage with stories and love reading. The vibrant artwork brings the stories to life so the child will feel like they are actually in the fantasy land of the story.
Alternatively, if you are one of the parents of the child about to be christened, you might want to get the soon to be godparents a little something just to say thank you. There are also lots of great personalised gifts for godparents available from www.personalisedgiftsshop.co.uk very reasonable prices. You may want to give them a little plaque with the christening details engraved upon it, or maybe even a photo frame, glass or mug. Whatever you choose, it will be a nice way of reminding them how thankful you are that they will forever be looking out for your child’s welfare and happiness.

Tips for Shopping

July 9th, 2010

Shopping is one the most favorite past times of both genders. Nothing beats retail therapy for many people. Whether its clothes, gadgets, shoes, accessories, or books, people enjoy their ability to spend. However, there are some points to keep in mind when you are out shopping so that you get exactly what you wanted and to ensure that you do not overspend.

Impulsive shopping is alright if the item is small, but larger items can make you regret your buys. Take a good look through your closet and kitchen as to what is missing. Keep all these things in mind, write them down if you can. And when you are out, step towards the store or aisle that has those things. This will help you narrow down on what you actually want versus what just catches your eye.

Dress up comfortably, especially if you are going to shop for clothes. Choose clothes that you can change in and out of easily. Also, pick slip-ons when you are shoe shopping. Unless you are buying formal shoes where you need to try them on socks, avoid socks and keep it simple. Uncomfortable clothes and shoes will make you irritable and you might end making hasty purchases or simply getting out of a store because you needed to rest your feet.

If you take too long to make your mind, take a friend along. Sometimes, they can offer quick and fair judgment of whether something is looking good on you or not. Similarly, they can tell you whether the bed sheets you picked will match with your walls or not. But sometimes friends can be a distraction too, especially if they are with you for their own bit of shopping and if you have a group with you. Hence, it is best at times to shop alone.

Going to a mall or store late in the evening is a bad idea. Plan in advance and start early so that you can browse leisurely and make up your mind without being rushed. This is true even if you have seen and selected an object prior. Things look and feel differently at different times to us. Those shoes may have looked very appealing last week, but not so much today.

Most of us feel uneasy with a salesperson following around. But sometimes they are a boon. With their assistance, you can view a selection of what you need with their helpful comments. They are very knowledgeable and often come up with good ideas. However, do not get carried away by signs and boards that claim a sale. You will probably end up purchasing things only because they were on discount.

Expensive items will need special care. While buying clothes, shoes, sheets, curtains, covers etc, keep an eye on how much care and maintenance they will require and if you are willing to do that. This will help you halve your choices. Also, see if things and stores have a refund or return policy.

Keeping these factors in mind, you will be less susceptible to compulsive buying. You will also be able to discern your purchases better.

Compulsive Shopping Disorder

June 28th, 2010

There have been many times when we have laughed at our own and other’s inability to rein in our purchases. We often step out with no intention of buying anything and yet end up with bags and bags of purchases that we did know we had wanted until we saw them. While this scenario may appear like a joke to some, it is really symptomatic of an addiction to shopping.shopping-disorder

This addiction is also known as spending addiction. Experts claim that this addiction is as harmful as drug or alcohol. The buyer gets that sensation in his mind while shopping that a alcoholic gets as he is anticipating his drink or as a junkie gets as he is about to snort. The physical symptoms are all there, they begin to sweat or their heartbeat increases as a sign of great excitement and satisfaction. This disorder is studied only scarcely and often not taken seriously at all. In reality, however, it has the potential to ruin lives as people often commit crimes and financial embezzlement in order to satisfy the urge to spend.

Very commonly, buyers do not use the items they have bought. Something catches their eye and they end up purchasing it. It then is relegated to the back of the closet or basement where it languishes till it does not fit any more or has rusted beyond recognition. Often, buyers get generous and give them away or even return them to the store after having the pleasure of owning it for a while.

This disorder is certainly more rampant in women than men and is linked to many more kinds of mental issues like depression, low self esteem, and even eating disorders. But it is not completely absent in men either. Where women tend to go for certain items like clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics; men indulge in gadgets, books, and accessories.

People often keep job hopping for pays that will fulfill this urge to spend. Similarly, they tend to stagnate in a job just because it pays their high bills. The central problem here is that there is an emotional void that the addicts are trying to complete. They feel the cause of this is outside themselves, it may be a relationship or a job. If things do not go well, they splurge the way people might drink or cry or go into depression. Even a family tragedy may trigger this.

The biggest obstacle with this addiction is it is difficult to identify it and even more difficult to face it. This blocks the addict from finding any reasonable solution, they may argue that it is not as bad as substance abuse.

There is really solution to this problem except to treat it like a disorder and undergo therapy for it. One should remember that it is not only the amount of spending that is done but also the increasing way in which the addict ties his/her worth to objects.

Enjoy Shopping and You will Love It!

February 5th, 2010

A few things in life are always unavoidable. Shopping is one of those things which can not be avoided. Every one has to go shopping. The frequency of going to shopping may vary with the individuals and their needs, but this will never come down to zero. Mostly the people love shopping and they plan for it.

Shopping is an art to some and headache to the others. This may vary with every individual. For women shopping is mostly fun. In this article we will discuss things related to shopping for both kinds of individuals i.e. the ones who love shopping and the ones who hate shopping.

When you are thinking about shopping, you get more than one options to try your hands on. You can go to the malls to shop or you can simply enter an online store and pick up the things that you want. Add them to your virtual cart and then pay for them. You will have them at your home. Both are fun but the people do not like shopping normally prefer online shopping and the ones who love shopping try to go out to the malls etc.

No matter where you are shopping, you will have to keep in mind that you are not getting anything for free. So never take the price for granted. Always check for the price at other possible locations and draw comparisons. If you are getting something for fewer prices with the quality remaining the same, why would you pay those extra 20, 30 bucks? You can use that extra money to get something else to refresh yourself with the drinks while shopping. So think cleverly and try to get the best deals. They will save you a lot of money and you will eventually start liking shopping.

Now another clever thing is to make use of the coupons and the discounts which you will always get. Do not waste the promotional codes and the coupons. They will always have good deals on them and you will be able to save some valuable money. You can also use someone else’s promotional code if they do not intend to use them. So keep looking for them in your friends and family circle.

Now the trick is to wait and wait. You will not have to wait for the eternity. Every item is supposed to be put on special price once a while and that is the time to get it. Try to find sales and make benefit of low prices. Also, if you like an item and you have a specific budget for that, you can wait longer and get it when it gets special price presentation. This is the right strategy to keep shopping within your budget.